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lab girl  forty martyrs  only child    Midwest Connections Picks for April:    Three really engaging books. Forty Martyrs is a novel set in a midwestern university town–sound familiar?  Why I’m an Only Child is a very funny collection of humor, sometimes gently ribald, by a folklorist,  Lab Girl is a memoir by a biology prof.There is a lot about plants and the lab.  The author is from Minnesota, now is at the University of Hawaii.

  locallyfracturebottomlandPicks for MarchLocally Laid,”about becoming a chicken farmer; Bottomand, a haunting WWI, German-American family story; and Fracture, writings about fracking and compassion for the land.      

defender readers sPicks for February The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, is about a young woman who travels to a small town in Iowa to meet her pen pal but arrives just in time for her funeral. She stays and opens a bookstore, of course. ….The subtitle of The Defender identifies the subject: How the Legendary Black Newspaper Changed America.  The author provides a  well-researched cultural history of twentieth-century America….  A riveting fable based loosely on the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, it is Noah’s wife who embraces the ideas of faith and community, and she gives this story a modern twist.  A young minister, Noah, and his dutiful wife, arrive at their new post in the hills to find a gray and wet little town where it’s been raining for ages, it seems.  The town is peopled with eccentric, often hilarious, individuals.  

ibg.common.titledetail (49) ibg.common.titledetail (50) ibg.common.titledetail (48)Midwest Connections Picks Jan 2016: A WWII story about four women involved in the Allied resistance in the Philippines, a thriller prompted by the PTSD of a vet who served in Afghanistan, and a detective story solved by an unlikely pair.

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Bookends on Main is an independent bookstore Menomonie can rely on. It is located on Main Street in the heart of downtown, right across the street from the historic Mabel Tainter Theater. Bookends on Main is dedicated to serving readers of all ages in the Menomonie community and surrounding area. We specialize in helping customers find new and used books that suit personal taste and special ordering those not in the inventory. Hand-selling is our trademark service. The bookstore has a wide variety of new and used books for both leisure and informational reading — fiction, biography, poetry, mysteries and science fiction, crafts, field guides, gardening, parenting, religion and inspiration, history and current events. We also have a small collection, mostly used, of foreign language books. Four shelves are devoted to local authors. Wisconsin and regional authors occupy special places also. We have both traditional and one-of-a kind book store sidelines including greeting cards, journals, book earrings, and reasonably-priced art work that are popular purchases for gifts and personal use. A nice selection of new and used books for children and middle readers is paired with fun and educational toys. Our music section includes guitars, guitar strings and picks, cds and music books. The bookstore Menomonie customers seem to appreciate has a comfortable setting for book groups that meet regularly and by special arrangement. There are also book events with local authors from time to time. Bookends on Main is a bookstore Menomonie tradition favors. The store is in its eleventh year in the current location and other book stores have been located downtown. Like its predecessors, the current book store aims to provide customers with good reading material. At the same time, the tools of the internet age help us track changes, keep up to date and fill requests faster than ever for first-rate personal service. Our goal is to remain a distinctive presence on Main Street and keep “bookstore Menomonie” a frequent destination for our customers.