Wingshooters, New Book, New Time

A new book being celebrated by Indie bookstores is Wingshooter which is set in central Wisconsin. The story is about a girl with a Japanese mother, American father, her grandparents and the all-white town where they all live. It’s a great book club book and a story that resonates strongly with readers.  You’ll like it.

 Daylight Savings time 2011 started today. I forgot to set my clock ahead last night, so when I discovered my error today, part of my morning plans had to be scuttled.  This is the second time in my life I’ve missed “spring forward.”  The first was many years ago when I was teaching and appeared for my 8 A.M. class an hour late.  My students weren’t perturbed, as I remember.

It’s the beginning of Spring Break here in Menomonie so it feels like vacation, a break in routine.  Last year Spring Break was a very busy time at the bookstore–not everyone leaves town. There is time to go downtown, shop, go out for lunch and so on.  In Sweden (from which my husband hailed) everyone has a winter break sometime in February.  Businesses, schools, and government offices stagger the vacation time so not everyone is away at the same time. The sun starts returning strongly in February in northern lands and lots of Swedes use the winter break to go skiing.