Unlikely Friendships

A wonderful new book in the store, Unlikely Friendships about inter-species friendships. The photos themselves are remarkable, probably the most endearing being a monkey cuddling a kitten. The look of love on the face of each animal is extraordinary. Well, humans love many sorts of animals, so we are used to inter-species friendships but not without humans involvled. It’s a heart-warming little book I feel connected to because of my recent deer-in-my-garden experience. I went out to pluck my just-ripening Concord grapes and a deer was nibbling at a shrub about 20 feet away. It took a step back when I approached my vine, but I looked away, went about my grazing and the deer did the same. When I went back to my house the deer never flinched, obviously recognizing in me a fellow wild-feeder who wasn’t threatening its own meal.