Talking about Books

Today I was invited to talk about editing–I’ve edited two books and of course the other published writing I have done has been edited. I’m not sure I was able to say much that the audience didn’t already know. Editing isn’t an exciting subject in itself, but is an important part of writing. Other eyes are needed to see what you don’t, what you overlook because you are thinking of content and don’t see typos or don’t see that what the new reader is going to see. Before editing, there is writing which is more fun and what I prefer. Writing is creative, editing is housekeeping, a necessary task that is a bit tedious but is rewarding for its results. People often ask me when I will write another book. Probably never. I’m old, I’ve the bookstore, I don’t have anything to prove and maybe not much of interest to say? I blog, that’s probably enough.