Taking Care of Gardens and Business

The weather has gotten us all down. Gardeners who normally plant their cool weather vegetables in late April look out at the snow cover probably won’t get their seeds in the ground until May. Corn requires a long growing season, but will it get in the ground early enough this year to let it mature before the first frost? Of course in recent years the first killing frost has come a few weeks later than it used to, but can we count on that this year? Could this be one of those years when we get snow in every month except July? So we plug on, looking out our windows with consternation at the sleet, wind, and snow on April 19. We commiserate with one another about the absence of spring.

Karen from LaDeeDah has written a long, cheery “To my customers” message on her store Facebook page. She’s an inspiration. It’s not that I don’t think of my customers and taking care of the bookstore constantly, but I forget about Facebook. My enthusiasm for social media is waning.