Seasonal Things

It’s the end of May, Memorial Day weekend, starting off cool but promising to end hot.  That’s welcome after such a cool, wet season so far. It’s high school graduation time and that means lots of parties, congratulations, gifts, endings and beginnings. The end of the school year means drawing a line, adding things up, settling accounts, so to speak, and moving on to vacation activities.  For me, a life-long teacher, it seemed natural to buy the bookstore in spring.  It’s two years now since I did that and embarked on a transition from retired English teacher to bookseller. It’s an identity change that has had both personal and professional surprises. These two years have been filled with learning bookselling and running a business, both quite enjoyable and essentially stress-free. The hardest part is deciding what books to stock.  Catalogues arrive every week, and emails everyday advertising new books.  I’m always disappointed when a customer wants a new book I have failed to stock or is out-of stock.