Newsletters and writing

The May newsletter is finished and posted online. It takes several days to put together between customers at the store. Manipulating the template and inserting pictures takes time but is a fun form of electronic scrapbooking.  The text takes time, too, of course, as I’m a slow writer and given to endless revising and editing. People often ask if I’m going to write another book. I do think about it, especially the biography of Constance Gordon Cumming I could have done so long ago, but recently I threw out all my old notes and chapter outlines. Biographies take years to do and I decided I don’t have the time to re-do the research. Then there are the unpublished maanuscripts sitting in drawers. Could they be dusted off and turned into something viable?  Are there already too many books and too few readers?

Well, that bit of cynicism is not good.  I want to form a writers group at the bookstore. First meeting will be June 5 and I’m hoping we’ll get a core of writers.