Another month has passed and a new newsletter has just been posetd on the Newsletter page.  Tomorrow I will email it.  It’s always a feeling of accomplishment to produce a document and the newsletter is quite fun to do.  Microsoft Publisher provides templates and I chose one that matches the color scheme of the website and store signage.  It is easy to go out to the web and copy images of books to insert in the newsletter, so every book has its cover in color beside its description.

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged oftener in June as there has been a lot to write about.  My landlord has decided to put in new ceiling tiles and lighting, then I will paint the wall and tag board, so that will give the store a fresh look. We etalked about restoring the old tim ceiling that is above the acoustic tiles, but that idea has been scratched due to the expense and time needed for the restoratiuon.  There are a few pieces of tin missing, old duct workl would have to be removed, old paint laboriously removed, new lighting installed.  It’s a major project and would make the space quite wonderful.  The bookstore was a restaurant in the 1940s.  It’s been a drug store, a Hallmark card shop, and a frame shop in more recent years.  What was in the space from the 1890s to the 1940s needs to be researched.

The book titles customers order contantly intrigue me.  A beautiful book on the varieties of salt along with recipes using them especially fascinated me this week when it arrived.  Beautiful food and cookbooks are among my favorites.