More books about presidents

The books about past presidents keep rolling in.  Taft 2012 is a brisk satire on the current state of presidential politics. Pres. Taft reappears, Rip Van Winkle-like, on the White House lawn, all his girth and whiskers intact. His granddaughter is in congress and Taft himself soon beomes a national sensation and is swept into presidential primary politics–as a one-term president, he’s elgible to run. This book probably won’t become a great seller, but it’s an entertaining story, a quick read, and a delightful comment on the current state of things.

Stephen King and Chris Matthews both have new books on JFK. King’s is a long history-bending a tour de force. Matthews’ biography has amazingly fresh material on the president and his family that gives Kennedy a human dimension both respectful and poignant. This book is especially welcome for those of us who still remember being inspired by him.