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January Picks: Once More to the Rodeo, The Gimmicks, The Heap, Such a Fun Age A personal story of white father and his mixed race son, an immigrant story about three Europeans finding their way to and in the U.S., an into-the-future story about the aftermath of the collapse of a 500-story building, and a debut novel about a black baby-sitter and her white-family employer. All three books have engaging premises.

DECEMBER PICKS:  A thought provoking YA thriller involving the internet and AI, a children’s book about a waterfall on the Mississippi, a children’s picture book exploring color, and a boy’s coming-of-age novel. 

November Picks: After the Flood, The Twenty-Ninth Day, A River of Royal Blood, Suicide Woods that represent science fiction, fantasy, crime fiction, and a true-life survival story.

Picks for October: A novel based on how language shapes things, a collection of WI hauntings, a YA novel about loners and misfits bonding after a destructive storm, a children’s book about a girl seeking beauty and connections in a busy world.

September Picks: This Tender Land is a wonderful story about the resilience of kids with a tribute to Twain and Dickens built in. My Footprints is a picture book about a little girl find a way out of bullying.  Strange Birds is about kids navigating adolescence and finally The Reckless Oath We Made takes a serious turn.

Picks for August: Lager Queens of Minnesota, State, Curse of the Werepenguins, We Will Tell You Otherwise 

Picks for July —

The Most Fun We Ever Had is a multigenerational novel in which the four adult daughters of a Midwestern couple–still madly in love after forty years–recklessly ignite old rivalries until a long-buried secret threatens to shatter the lives they’ve built.

Dr. Ayaz Virji, Love Thy Neighbor, a Muslim doctor in small town Dawson, MN, an unforgettable narrative that shows the human consequences of our politics, the power of faith and personal conviction, and the potential for a renewal of understanding in America’s heartland.

Rainbow Warrior: Gilbert Baker debuted his unifying symbol for the growing gay rights movement in 1978 at San Francisco’s Gay Freedom Day Parade. His creation would become an international emblem of liberation. He often called himself the “Gay Betsy Ross,” and readers of this memoir will agree.

Tallgrass Conversations: Journey into a realm where birds, plants, and seeds mix with water, roots, wind, and the sky, revealing about how each of us can learn to best live wherever we might call home. Designed as a conversation, the authors inspire new understandings of the Midwestern tallgrass prairie, encouraging looking and listening to the prairie through the heart and mind as well as eyes, ears, and other senses, advancing both conservation and creative efforts.


May  A humorous story about Ojibwe girls becoming women; a story set during the Iran hostage crisis & politics, family, religion; a tender middle reader book about a child who has lost a mother; and a picture book about being brave in making new friends and living in a new place.

April    Lorna Landvik’s humorous tale of an aged small-town columnist, a mystery-thriller, a father torn by his daughter’s entanglement in an extreme church, an Ojibwe memoir.