How to Grow Old

Ok, not exactly a book-related blog, but I watched Morning Glory last night and was both entertained by and admiring of Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford who both are great actors and also look great. They are probably too old for the roles they played, but who cares.  There is a cameo scene with Bob Schiefer, Morely Safer and Chris Matthews that throws in more senior bait.  Of course the younger generation of actors were also fine. Anyway, the movie was a welcome respite from the unrelenting grim world and state news.

An advanced reader book, Mothers and Daughters,  arrived at the bookstore this week and today I saw a review of it in the MPLS newspaper.  It’s set in Madison, focuses on three generations of mothers and daughters and several types of mothering/daughtering.  It would be a good book club book.