Game Change

The book Game Change covers the entire 2008 presidential campaign. When the book first came out the Edwards story was in the news cycle and created the most stir. Neither of the Edwards come off well in the account and the authors seem to have taken little consideration of Mrs. Edwards’ health and the toll that her cancer treatment took on her mental well-being. Of course, John Edwards was shown, quite deservedly, to be the ultimate cad. Now the HBO Game Change covers only the McCain-Palin story. It’s currently more compelling, has more staying power, and is ultimately more political than the Edwards’ story.  Some say the movie is a lampoon but it seems factual to me. The campaign manager is played by Woody Harrelson and that is the revelation, an interesting role that emphasizes the political stakes, the game. McCain comes off well in the film and Palin’s pluses and minuses are candidly shown. What’s missing is insight into what makes Palin tick, McCain too, for that matter. The film is about events, not about the soul of the candidates.

Game Change of another sort–I looked at the array of tablets, e-readers, and mini-laptops at Best Buy. Aside from portability, which of course is significant, what can these devices do that my laptop and store computers don’t? Deliver all those apps–but how many does one need?