Books and Weather

The frigid temperatures recently have kept people indoors.  Time for stay at home folks to read a good new book or finish those Christmas gift books. However, there are so many things going on downtown at this time, good programs at the Mabel Tainter and the library’s events associated with The Soloist, the choice for the Menomonie Read this year. On Thursday there was a showing of the movie.  After a day at the store I hesitated to go out at night but I’m glad I did.  The movie turned out to be different and far better than I imagined from all the trailers I saw when it first came out.  The music, all that Beethoven, Bach and so on, make it a gorgeous movie, a surprising impact since the images of homelessness and mental illness are wrenching.  Everyone should read this book and see the movie, one or the other if it’s hard to do both.