Book Bites

It’s taken me a while to do this, but I finally started a bookstore newsletter which I’ve named Book Bites.  It’s online right now. Just click on the Newsletter page over on the left and then the newsletter icon.  This will open up the three pages of bookstore news, notes on books, upcoming store events, and an invitation to get involved.

Putting the newsletter together was the easy part; dealing with the technology took time, but now I’ve learned the ropes, so next issue will be easier.  I used Microsoft Publisher to format the newsletter and added images of books to give it a pleasing visual appearance. Wouldn’t you know, after sending it out I found several typos.  At least I found them before I put the newsletter online.

Another problem is that some people can’t open the document because they use a Mac or don’t have Publisher on their computer.  The bookstore computer has a problem with adobe, so I sent the newsletter to my home computer where I can save it as a PDF file. Now I can send the newsletter out as a PDF file which most people will be able to open.