The bookstore blog was a new enterprise four years ago and was motivated mainly as a method of expanding the Bookends on Main brand but now ever less frequently kept up. Over the weekend I found a journal entry from Dec. 31, 2008 that seems appropriate to repeat: “I stopped journaling 1 1/2 years ago–just forgot–but also see no point in it. No audience–but journaling is really a self-directed form of writing or genre, I should call it,with narcissistic elements. The writer wants an audience, hopes for one to be impressed etc. by the journal and revelations therein. For the most part, though, the revelations are personal, trite, inconsequential. Proust, Emerson, Anais Nin could turn the journal into an art form on the force of their genius and in Nin’s case kinkiness, but otherwise, who cares?”