Feb. 3, 2018 Just noticed two typos in the Feb newsletter, the worst that Galileo was born in 564, not 1564. So I’ve corrected the errors and re-uploaded to the bookstore website.  Maybe the only consolation is that most recipients don’t read the newsletter closely or just delete without opening. Of course I’d rather they read, notice my typos and then come to the bookstore to buy a book.  An interesting fact is that Galileo and Shakespeare were born in the same year,1564, a good year for geniuses. Probably some great explorer was born in the same year as it was in the age of exploration.

Feb.2, 2018 Out of the blue I had an inquiry about the sale of the bookstore. I had forgotten I placed an ad on the Midwest Bookseller Assoc. page and in any case  thought it had been removed long ago.  Maybe the bookstore will have a new owner in 2018. It’s too early to tell. I’m still in a daze about it after 8 1/2 years making the bookstore the center of my life.

Dec. 2, 2017 So mild in recent weeks after what seemed an early start to winter in October.  Sometimes we are grateful for global warming.  Here in the Midwest we are safe from rising seas and other natural catastrophes. If civilization on our planet implodes, this will probably be a terminal of survival.

But on to books: Our Dec newsletter covers a lot of recent good books and I personally am next going to read Erdrich’s “Future Home of the Living Gods,” a dystopian story in the vein of “Handmaid’s Tale” which seems sort of dated.

Nov. 11, 2017 Maybe solved my blog updating problem, though margins aren’t right. So much time on such minor issues.  Today is a sunny, cold day, a bit of snow and the Christmas greens went up downtown on the storefronts of all of us who pay our dues to the Chamber of commerce, at least I think that’s how it works.  The new hotel is close to being finished.  The exterior is done, even sod installed, new sidewalks laid, and interior furnishings are in large packages, ready to move in.  December opening is targeted and the demolition of the old Bremer bank and new parking lot is next, no doubt accomplished in the next week or so.

WordPress has given me problems updating my blog.  I blog, but the page won’t update.  So here is a new attempt after trashing previous jottings. It’s Nov. 1, 2017, it’s snowing now which makes it seem Christmasy only a day after Halloween, but that’s fitting for retail businesses.  The big box stores have had holiday trappings out for quite a while and had to give space to Halloween, at least locally.  October proved to be the best month of the year so far but in general it has been a good year in terms of sales.  Personally I think that the political upheaval with which we are bombarded constantly–when it’s not a mass killing taking up a few days–is driving people back to escapist reading.

3/3/2017 It’s hard to break a life-long habit of reading every word of a book started, but owning a bookstore has made it necessary to skim a lot, read reviews and hope I get it right in buying and selling books.