Above All Things

Above All Things is about George Mallory and the Mt. Everest expedition he was part of in the 1920s. It was Mallory’s third attempt to reach the summit. He and Sandy Irvine, his fellow climber, died either on their way down after reaching the summit or in the final few hundred meters to the top. The rest of the climbing party survived. Amazingly, Mallory’s body was found, nearly intact, in 1991, but Irvine has not been found. Tanis Rideout’s novel weaves the personal stories with the climbers’ tale. Both are compellingly told. These mountain climbers are a special breed. Why they need to test their endurance and physical prowess to the extent they do is hard to fathom. The feat doesn’t add to knowledge or science in any really significant way, it seems to me. So way risk making widows of wives, fatherless children, abandoned careers? The historical detail and the biographical information are interestingly presented. I highly recommend this book. The official release date is Feb. 12.