About Us

Bookends on Main, Menomonie, Wisconsin, formerly The Bookends, has a new owner. Harriet Christy handed over the keys on July 1, 2009, to Susan Schoenbauer Thurin, a retired English professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.   Bookstore owners must love books. Harriett’s previous work included being a librarian and teaching children’s literature while Susan’s was being an English teacher. Owning the bookstore culminates her lifelong love of books and writing, starting with the childhood pleasure of curling up with a good book. Like many other English teachers, she started writing stories in grade school and made her career choice in eighth grade.

Thurin is the author of Victorian Travelers and the Opening of China, the editor of Nineteenth-Century Travels, 1835-1900: The Far East, and  Retiring Minds: Life after Work, and has published many articles about Victorian authors and travel. Recently she has gone back to writing about Charles Dickens, an author she wrote about at the beginning of her career. She started her teaching life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia and also taught in universities in Sweden and China. A year teaching in a Boys’ Prep School in England encouraged her Anglophile leanings. Changing the name of the bookstore to Bookends on Main tries to do two things at once. The similar name means that the store is continuing to be what it has been for six years in downtown Menomonie while the slight change recognizes the difference in style that goes with new ownership. For example, the current book store is increasing its inventory of used books, and selling is the trademark service of Bookends on Main like that of all downtown businesses. Bookends on Main aims to be a long-standing presence on Main Street, Menomonie, Wisconsin. As customers frequently point out, “Our town needs this book store.”