A Message to People Who Say They Don’t Like Reading, by Analeise Jarvi-Beamer

I’ve met two college-age men recently who claim to hate reading.

This saddens me.

Both of these gentlemen said that they thought reading was “a waste of time”, and “took too long”, and “why can’t I just watch the movie anyway?”

This, too, saddened me.

I wish all people could be born reading, like I was, but that’s not how it works for everyone.  I had to learn to like math, and other people will have to learn to like reading.  It seems like a fair system!

I don’t think people should be forced to do things they don’t like, I just don’t think anyone could really try reading and not like it.  I thought math was boring and hateful, until I watched my first ‘Math Doodles’ video.  (Math Doodles is a wonderful You Tube video series starring a girl who discovers math concepts by doodling in Algebra Class.)  My little sister hated math too, until I sat her down and explained the Fibonacci Series.  Reading is like that! You may not like what your English teachers talk about in school, but there is so much more out there!  There are more books being published every single day!  The sheer volume of existing literature is astounding!  You doubters are simply bound to like some of it!

But how is it that I can’t say “Math is boring.” without every adult in the vicinity turning to me and shouting “TOUGH! You’ll need it wherever you go!”, but people are living twenty plus years without anyone forcing them out of their comfort-zones?  Is math just seen as more valuable then reading, or  am I missing something?

So, to all of the people in the world who say that they don’t like reading, I say, Yes you do!  You just don’t like what you’ve read so far.

Solider on, doubters.  Your book will come, I know it.