A book for older readers?

A couple “new” used books that have entered the inventory recently have captured my attention. The unusual title of Sima’s Undergarments was enough to get me to take a closer look,and the Brooklyn setting of a lingerie shop in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood makes it seem exotic. That, and the fact that the main character is about my own age add to its appeal. It’s a sad, sort of a coming-of-age story in that a woman near retirement deals with a secret buried since her teens. Younger and older readers probably respond to this book differently.  A side effect of this book–it made me go out and buy some new lingerie!

The second new/used book I have just started is I, Rigoberta Menchu about the Guatemalan peasant woman who won the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize. A UW-Stout prof. uses this book in his class and one of his students who probably didn’t appreciate as much as I expect to, having just spent a week in Guatemala, sold it to me a few days ago.